Anxiety and Depression a Societal Norm

   Anxiety and Depression have become a more and more common diagnosis in the US.  Or more commonly they have not been diagnosed when they should have been.  Many people suffer from anxiety and depression, which do not necessarily go hand in hand, you can have one without the other.  It seems like its a taboo subject even though over 40 million Americans over the age of 18 suffer from anxiety related illness we still find it hard to talk about.  

   This subject is whats known as a hot button issue for a lot of people.  I myself suffered from Post Pardum depression after I had Claire and Hannah.  It was a hard struggle going from working full time, to being a stay at home mom.  One that I wasn't prepared for.  I did learn ways to deal with and handle my stress and one of the biggest ones is just talking to friends, getting out of the house, not isolating yourself etc...  It is so easy as a stay at home mom to just stay in the house with the kids all day doing nothing for yourself and everything for the kids and to lose yourself and your own persona.  When you don't go out into the world, you start to feel separated from it, like no one cares and you don't matter.  But on the flip side when people ask you to hang out, some days you will use any excuse to avoid people at all costs!  When you isolate yourself, it becomes harder to go out in public and be social because you aren't used to doing it.  

   Just sharing this struggle is a very difficult thing to do.  Recognizing that I myself have gone through this and that even the simplest smallest of tasks seems like such a huge thing that you just can't seem to bring yourself to do is so frustrating.  You end up battling self hate along with self doubt which you have essentially created yourself.  It can easily become a downward spiral of negativity.  You need to break the cycle!  Its not easy, especially when you are in it, everything seems impossible and unreachable.  But breaking the cycle requires you to change one thing about your day, leave the house even if its to get a coffee, which is what I usually do now, see people as much as you can, which I still struggle with balancing all the kids schedules plus getting my work done, get out of the house to run errands and go outside.  I do play on our front porch with the girls and their favorite water table pretty often now, these things all become even more difficult in the winter due to the weather and less sun means less Vitamin D, which absolutely affects mood.  

    I'm just sharing here a little bit of my personal struggle to open the door so people feel like they can talk about their struggles and come to terms with the fact that they aren't alone and others go through this as well.  

    My newer obsession with essential oils and healing stones has helped me too.  Whether it be mind over matter or they are actually helping, I full heartedly believe that they have made a significant difference in my mood, relaxing and not having as much stress related anxiety.  That's why I came up with the "Anxiety Bracelet" because more people need to have this experience take a deep breath and be able to relax their minds and calm their nerves. <3 

....Be peaceful my friends


<3 Crystal



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