Anxiety Bracelets and Real Talk

   So many people are so afraid to talk about Anxiety and Depression.  But as a society we have never been more depressed and anxiety ridden.  With all the crazy things that happen in this world today, mental health is one thing that I believe that most of us can agree, needs to be talked about.  I myself suffer from anxiety over the last few years.  I also have gone through Post Pardum Depression.  These things are not easy to address or admit and as a society we need to be honest with how we are feeling mentally as well as physically.  

     Well-being and mental health has become important to me over the past year.  I have realized that as a stay at home mom, I tend to isolate myself a lot not even realizing it.  Finding reasons to get out of the house and just slow down life and just "smell the roses" are so important.  Sometimes raising 3 daughters and 2 bonus sons can be very trying, but then I look at their smiles I watch them have innocent fun and I see that its okay to be silly, let go, and 'don't sweat the small stuff' -as my Mom always says!  

     If you are interested in trying out one of our new Anxiety bracelets, I highly recommend them from personal experience!  My sister, Kelly, sells Essential Oils among other fun stuff, but she got me into a wonderful blend of Eucalyptus, Lavender and Chamomile and I am just in love with how that combo makes me feel!  I added them into these new bracelets so I can wear them all day and remind myself during stressful moments to just take a deep breathe and everything will be okay.  You can find them in the shop if you think that these sound like something you are interested in!  But don't ever think you can't talk about it!  It's better to talk about it and let it out then holding it in and thinking you are alone.  We all just need a little break sometimes and that's okay, because we are all only human.


"Allow Yourself to Be Who You Are".  <3 Crystal



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