Back to School!!

  Back to school snuck up on us quick!  What about everyone else?!  Were you prepared?  It made me feel better seeing that a lot of moms were also out there doing last min one or two days before back to school, doing the back to school shopping!  I swear some times its just comforting knowing that we are all out there doing our best and sometimes that means last min and sometimes that means we are on it way in advance, but either way, we are not alone! 

   As far as the kids they were super excited to go back to school!! (That will last about a day!) ha! Then we will be back to groaning about going! It's a yearly tradition here! haha! I'm sure we are not alone!  Once homework hits, the excitement ends!  But this little cutie, my Eleanor, is starting 3rd grade and is very excited!  I love her fashion statement here....Almost an 80s style metallic skirt, with gladiator sandals and a Hello Kitty t-shirt!  I'm going to sound like my dad for a minute and just say, I don't understand today's youth style!  Im not sure if she is trending or not but this is definitely different! haha! At least she's cute and happy and that's all that really matters to me!  The first day outfit is so important in this house and I bet it is in most girl houses anyways!  Any other girl moms out there dealing with the 50 outfits a morning change??  Oh the joy!  I feel like I was 15 until I really cared about what I wore! lol!

   Drop your kiddos first day pics here so we can all gush about our cuties!! <3 

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