Beach Combing with the Fam

   So we went beach combing with the family this past weekend.  If you don't know what beach combing means, its when you comb the beach for beautiful specimens like seashells, seaglass, and coral!  Anyways, these are the particular beauties I was in search of when we went!  As you can see Claire and even Hannah were more concerned with attempting to build a sand castle!  They were a little too young to understand the concept that you need to use wet sand!  Claire complained about getting dirty when I added water and Hannah would not allow her feet to touch the sand!!  So so adorable and sad at the same time!  

    Meanwhile Scott and I found lots of fun pieces, sea glass is harder to find at this beach than I had imagined, considering we only found one piece!! But there were lots of beautiful shells!  Next time we are going to have to try a different beach or a different part of it!  

    My thoughts of collecting these beautiful pieces were to incorporate them into my jewelry line!  In the summer we like to have more of a beach theme for a lot of our jewelry.  And on top of that the idea that we have branded into an East Coastal theme for our business since we are on the east coast and we are very supportive of small local businesses.  I love the idea of finding local East Coast natural properties and incorporating them into my jewelry line!  I think the entire concept is beautiful and to find these pieces myself and then to create something beautiful helps to share a little piece of the East Coast with everyone!  


.....Support local small business <3

<3 Crystal



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