Behind the Scenes

      When I create jewelry I work in disorganized chaos!  I take a bunch of beads, chain and materials and spread them out on my desk, then I look at everything until colors and shapes speak to me.  I think I need to "mess them up" then have my brain put back together patterns and colors and shapes!  The way my creativity works is a mystery!  The time I take to make each individual piece varies by the amount of inspiration I'm feeling, coffee I had, and interruptions I get in the middle of the process!       But I can guarantee that each piece is filled with care, love, and inspiration.  The amount of care and precision that goes into just manufacturing each personalized charm that goes on each piece is immeasurable! 💗 The best part is I do it between breaking up fights, wiping tears and changing diapers!! 😂 Talk about blood, sweat and tears!  

      Then there is the packaging, so each and every piece that you select is carefully packaged so that you can get the most beautifully designed piece in a beautiful package that would make any girl happy to open! <3 

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