Being a Softball/Baseball Mom

    Being a Softball or Baseball Mom is amazing and exhausting all in one!  My 8 year old started softball this year and my 12 year old bonus son started baseball.  I have been running almost EVERY day since opening day to either a game, a practice or both!  Both of their schedules completely conflict all the time, which we really didn't think about until it was already an issue!  Luckily I was usually able to drop of Cole to Baseball then run in time for softball!  Its funny, I played softball from the time I was 7 until just a few years ago, and the crazy schedule never seemed to even enter my mind!  Its funny how as a kid, you never think about those things, you just go with it and as an adult you are just running like a crazy person!  Also to note, I seem to be the only mom between both their teams that is also carting along two babies to every game/practice that I'm running to!  And if you think these kids are behaving and sitting nicely during the game, think again!

      I basically try to hold and comfort my teething one year old while chasing my two year old!  That is unless the one year old is feeling frisky that day, then I'm chasing them both and trying to watch the game, so I don't get accused of "not even watching" by my 8 year old.....Motherhood is the toughest 'hood' you will ever be in!  (I heard that somewhere, but I can't remember where!)--But let me tell ya, that is so incredibly true!  No matter how hard you are trying and how many games you come to, if you miss that one second and they know it, then forget it, you are the worst!  My favorite games are when grandma and grandpa come too, then I can watch a little bit more!  They are my lifesavers!  When daddy is there, he is too into the game and giving pointers, so I'm still chasing!  

     Then there are the mom's who are asking your kid's average and if you are going to be doing clinics this summer and training, sure!  My kid is 8, is yours older?  Is this a thing that we are starting already?!  She was just willing to commit to a sport for an entire season for the first time ever, I don't know if she is ready for clinics.  But apparently my daughter has natural talent, so I can't "waste it" by not pushing her in clinics and helping to foster her skills.  Sounds like we are in!  I was looking forward to a break this summer, but it sounds like it will continue as a summer of running!!  At least she is very excited and involved in something she enjoys!  It is a great feeling watching your kid play a sport and really enjoy it!  

     My bonus son, Cole on the other hand wasn't into baseball for most of the season, it was his FIRST year and he is 12, so much harder to break into a new sport at that age and to catch up skill wise and learn the game.  But by the end of the season, he made some real progress and now loves it and wants to play fall ball.  So it looks like they will both be in clinics this summer!! 


......Here's to Summer running!


<3 Crystal




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