Body Shaming

  So, Im just going to start this post out saying....DON'T be 'that girl'!  Don't be the girl that body shames other women!!  We women need to stick together!  We have it tough enough as it is, we don't need to give ourselves any more obstacles to maneuver around!  Being pregnant, giving us that beautiful life and leaving us with stretch marks, varicose veins etc... Not to mention societal expectations, and the shame we receive with them...

   I mean, I have always been guilty of body shaming myself, never feeling good enough, never the right size, shape etc...nothing has ever really fit me right, and I've always bought everything big on myself to try to hid my body.  Now being 30 something... I have learned a few things.  Am I overweight, yes.  Do I need to work on it, yes to be healthy not to fit some kind of social model.  I am working on it but it is a daily struggle as all challenges are!  But in the meantime, I have to say that I am starting to almost have an epiphany where I am finally after a lifetime of fighting myself, learning to accept my body.  

    I used to look at women, when I was younger and say I can't believe she is wearing that!  Because I was so harshly judging myself that I would NEVER wear that!  But WHY should I put my own insecurities on someone else?!  I mean lets talk about it for a minute..  If I was afraid to swim, should I expect no one else to swim?  Or if I was afraid to even attempt to run a marathon, should no one attempt one because they might fail??  Of course not!  It is the same for shaming!  Just because I don't have the confidence to wear something doesn't mean someone else shouldn't!  Which brings me to my point.. Confidence is BEAUTIFUL!  I mean seriously, absolutely just gorgeous!  I used to just think people were just being nice when anyone called me pretty, but INNER beauty can truly be seen when you are genuinely happy and when you are genuinely confident! <3 I am learning to find my confidence, because these days I'm realizing that I was never really shaming other women in my mind, I was envious of the amazing confidence that they have!! I have seen so many gorgeous women, large and small, thin and thick, and I can look at them and see how beautiful they are now and realize that I can be beautiful if I just embrace myself and have confidence in myself as well!!  I am starting to feel my age, but I am loving this new confidence and wisdom that I am embracing along with it!

...Be Confident and you will be Beautiful Always 


<3 Crystal



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