Easy Styles for Moms on The Go

  So as a Mom, who is always on the go, I feel like I can weigh in on this topic.  From my own perspective with two babies and older kids too, we just need something thats easy, but also fashionable enough so we feel like an adult and like we made an effort.  Some easy styles, that should take 5 mins or less to get ready, are:

#1 Outfit: Leggings (which I"m not a big fan of personally) but if I was going to wear them I would pair with some Chuck Taylor sneaks because they are both stylish and simple, an oversized sweater, maybe off the shoulder to still keep it stylish and top the look off with my hair down in messy curls and a stack of "Anxiety Bracelets" from our Kelly Collection to keep you and your look relaxed all day!  

#2 Outfit: Skinny Jeans (this is more me, I'm a total jeans and t-shirt girl!) and a cute graphic T, a pair of fun and easy flats and a mom bun, Add a Statement necklace and a pair of stud earrings so it looks like you are trying harder than you are!

#3 Outfit: A simple plain white tank or T-shirt, with a cute and easy maxi skirt, a pair of flip flops or flats (easy to slide on), a quick messy braid and a few long layering necklaces and maybe a fun Ring!

#4 Outfit: A cute T-shirt Dress, a low side pony tail, a pair of Chuck Taylor's in a fun color, an anklet and a fun sparkly bracelet stack to really complete your look!

#5 Outfit: A jumpsuit (I know, this feels like an adult onesie, but its easy, trendy and surprisingly cute!) With a jumpsuit guess what, the only thing you have to mull over is a pair of easy but shoes and stack those bracelets!!  With a jumpsuit I suggest wearing your hair up in a sock bun (clean look so it appears all the effort went into your perfect hair today!) Then add a beautiful and BOLD pair of long dangly earrings to draw the attention up! 

These are just a few fun go to easy breezy outfits for moms-on-the-go!  I would rock any and all of these styles depending on my mood and all of them should take approximately 5 mins or less, which is about the time I have around getting my kids ready in the am!  I hope this helps you other on the go moms!  

      But either way, when I see you in the drop off line, getting groceries or at the mall, I wouldn't judge, but throw you a nod and a big high five regardless of what you are wearing!  Because being a mom and making it work is the most important job anyone can have and going out and getting stuff done is a lot without worrying about what you are wearing!  

      But on the other hand, wearing something easy, that doesn't take a lot of time and makes you just feel good about yourself and throws you some extra confidence, is always nice and the confidence part as a stay at home mom is sometimes more important than we realize! <3 

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