Frappes Give Me Life

   Do you ever have a day that you just feel like will never end?!  Like the hits keep coming and you are just trying to reach the end line, the goal, bedtime and you survived it?!?!  I know as a mom we ALL have those days!!  Well today is definitely one of those days for me, and I'm just trying to figure out how I'm going to get through it before total chaos ensues!!  

    What is your go-to that re-energizes you and helps push you through a day like this?!  For me its a Caramel Frappe with EXTRA caramel!!  Its perfect in all its caramel goodness!! It can help me disappear into another world for a minute when everything seems perfect!  Have you ever seen those Calgon commercials ("Calgon take me away") or the Dove commercials where the gorgeous model eats a piece of chocolate (because we all know she NEVER eats it regularly to look like that!) and she is transported into this other world of chocolatey amazingness and doesn't acknowledge anything around her for a few mins.....well that's what a frappe does for me!!  

     For that reason and the energy it gives me to be able to block out all the craziness around me, frappes give me life!!!  Tell me what gives you life and powers you through your day!!


....Mmmm Caramel!


<3 Crystal




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