Give Yourself the Confidence You Deserve

  Sometimes, as mom's and wives and just good people we lose sight of ourselves and get caught up worrying about everyone else.  As a mom I've done this times a million!!  With 3 kids and 2 bonus kids to care for, not to mention a husband, I often am putting myself last so that everyone else is taken care of first!  

This means that self care lacks, dressing nice lacks and adding those little accessories that just make you feel good about yourself lack!  Nothing feels better than adding an accessory, some makeup and keeping your hair down, which means you need to do some minimal styling!  These are the little things that really show that you put the extra effort in, to making yourself feel and look good.  And let’s be clear, this is not a post about trying to look good for anyone other than yourself! 

As a stay at home mom, somedays it’s so hard to change out of my pajamas!  Like, if you are just going to hang around the house all day, why bother seems to become your perspective.  But this is exactly why, because as much as we convince ourselves that we are comfy and it’s easier, it makes you feel good to just do your hair, throw on a little lip gloss and put on a cute outfit and a sparkly bracelet!  It makes you feel confident when you put an effort into yourself.  And why shouldn’t you feel confident?  You should bless yourself with the gift of confidence and self care always.  After all, you are spending your life caring for children, a husband, and maybe others as well!  If they all deserve that kind of time, effort and level of care from you, then surely you yourself deserve to be treated just as great! 

Us moms, need to give ourselves a break and just take a little time out of each day for ourselves!  We have earned it and deserve it!  At this point, putting the effort in with myself, a little sparkly bracelet, a pair of cute earrings, a necklace that sparkles can just breathe life into my entire day!  Making me feel a little more confident, do everything with a little more pride and just feel good about myself!  And those things aren’t easy to do! 

You should take the time to take care of yourself each and every day, not just for the sake of looking nice, but for your mental sanity and for the pure fact that you deserve to take care of yourself and add a little sparkle to your day, because it makes you feel good!  So, do the things, take those 5 extra minutes for yourself, because YOU matter! 

 .....Now, to go take my own advice!

<3 Crystal



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