Kids are Amazing and Gross

    Being a mom, everyone knows how gross kids can be.  Destroying everything in your house, throwing all their food on the floor, then telling you they are hungry, crying because they are tired but fighting sleeping, pulling all the Tupperware out of your cabinet because there is just no way to childproof it, getting under the table then crying that they are stuck and you crawl under to get them and they get up and run away from you...sorry I went off on a bit of a tangent there, just recalling a few things over the last few days!! lol!!! 

       Also we all know how that one rewarding moment with your child can make up for all the behavioral issues, all the broken things in the house, all the grossness that encompasses kids, just because of how sweet they are in the one little moment.  As mothers we love our kids fiercely, passionately, more than anything else on this entire earth!  So when they want to give you that awfully gross snotty nosed kiss, you do it, because we all sadly know that one day, they won't want to give you kisses anymore and they won't be little and think that you are their best friend!  ...I love this my two year old tells me all the time that I'm her best friend lately!!!  Its my favorite and just warms my heart!! <3 

    So enjoy the snotty nosed kisses for as long as you can, because eventually all of your kisses will run out and you will wish they were still there! <3 


....Be still my heart


<3 Crystal




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