Mom Life!

     So yesterday there was no stopping and smelling the roses!  We were on a mission, Post Office, Banking, Grocery Store, taking Scott's Nan with me!  We had a lovely day, but yes these simple errands become a MISSION when you are running them with two babies!!  We finally got home in time for the bus to bring home the older kids and with enough time to repack the diaper bag, take a 30 min snack break, change into uniforms and time for back to back baseball and softball games!!  I love being a mom and wouldn't change it for anything in the world!  (Even though sometimes I love to joke about ALL THE THINGS I would be able to do without kids!) LOL!!  

     But Sometimes it's nice to just put your feet up and relax!  Which is exactly what I did last night after we got home and I made dinner and put the kids to bed!  Talk about the longest day ever!! If you only saw the adventurous tracking I had to do to bring a double stroller to the game!!  It was down a giant hill with 2 flights of stairs then up another hill, no stairs this time, just rock dirt and hill and finally down the final hill just to reach the bleachers....I was exhausted when I finally sat down!  All the other parents, without babies (so everyone else) just looked at me like 'you poor thing!' I just wanted to say, hey remember how fun this was?!  But because I'm so awkward I had no filter and actually said it out loud! haha!  Everyone laughed as I tried to hide my embarrassed face!  (Great job Crystal, draw more attention to your huffing and puffing!) haha!!  But in reality we all know the struggles as a parent!  There really was nothing to be embarrassed about, but in the moment it was mortifying!  

      I sat there through 4 innings while Hannah screamed from teething and I forgot her teether (ugh!) and Claire ran from me and I had to run around chasing her so she didn't run into the parking lot.....My daredevil child!  Eventually one of the other parents felt bad watching this circus and offered to drive Ella home and I relented so thankful!!  I packed up the stroller over one arm, Hannah and the diaper bag in the other and dragged Claire holding her hand and tried to run out of there!! I got home only about 5 mins before the parents dropped Ella off! ha! The game must have ended as I pulled out! #MomFail  

      Have you had a day like this?  I know I'm not alone, this is typical 'Mom Life'!  With kids of varying ages the struggle is real!!  Good luck Moms and Dads its not easy, but we all do our best!!

<3 Crystal




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