Mother's Day 2020 Style


Today is Mother's Day, and yes it's a great day for handmade cards, drawings and trinkets from the kiddos, breakfast in bed (if you're lucky) and lots of snuggles...

    We're moms, we all love feeling appreciated for all the things we do 365 days a year, every year, and we get this one day right??

     But moms, this is a safe space, I'm here to tell you that you can take the 5 mins it takes you to read this (only because you read several sentences twice- because of the kids!) and be honest with yourself.

     If you really got to do what you wanted to do today, after being cooped up in the house for MONTHS with these would be to have a reason to get all dolled up, for the first time in what feels like EVER and get out of the house!!!

      It's okay, you are not a "bad mom", and you are not alone for wanting to escape your fellow inmates--I mean kids after a 2 month and counting quarantine!  You are in good company, because I am totally fine admitting that I feel the same way!  We can love our kids and still need some serious space from them right about now.  

      So my suggestion to you SUCKS because it doesn't alleviate this whole quarantine thing, I get it!!  But we all have to mentally get through this time right now, so here it is...  After the kids go to bed tonight, you explain to your husband/significant other/mom/friend/talk to the wall (whatever it takes!)--times are tough right now I get it!  Explain to this person that you now have an "IOU" and they owe you a day!!  The first or 2nd, if you are feeling generous, day after quarantine ends, you are taking your Mother's Day outing!!  Maybe you'll bring that person, maybe you'll escape with your friends, but either way, you are getting dressed up and going out without the kids and that is NON-NEGOTIABLE!!  You deserve this, you've literally EARNED this!

     So, start planning your outing now!  Get a pen, I want to know what outfit you are going to wear, what makeup you are going to try a new look with, your hair style, nail design, who's going, where you are going etc...YOU NEED THIS, so go all out!  Don't just wing it, it won't be as satisfying.  This manifestation is going to help get you through.  We need to start thinking beyond the Quarantine so we stop feeling stuck and start living our lives on "play" and not "pause"!

     For tonight, put on a face mask, give yourself a hot oil treatment for your hair, and a mani/pedi.  Have a glass of wine (maybe 3 glasses, no one's judging you!), eat chocolate and binge watch your favorite shows because you freakin deserve it!!




Crystal's Fav's Binge List

*Masque of Zen (face mask)

   -So calming and great for breakouts from the chocolate


*Youngevity Nail Wraps 

   -These are perfect for a diy mani and pedi!


*Traveling Vineyard- Fissata 

  -This wine is so fruity and light, if you like Moscato this one is for you!


*Netflix Binge- Shameless, Supernatural, Ozark

*Reality TV Binge- Project Runway, Vanderpump Rules


Tell me your favs to binge now, your outfit and where you are going on your outing!! 

Let's live vicariously through our manifestations together!! 


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    Kit Dunbar

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