My Top 10 Netflix Picks!

Ok, so now that "Netflix and Chill" has literally become a regular expression used today, I think its time for a top 10 list.  Especially considering that I personally love to Netflix an Chill!  So here are my personal top 10 favs on Netflix right now:

1. Shameless

2. Shooter

3. Moana (Because my kids make me watch this a hundred times a day, it has to go on at least my MOST WATCHED list!) 

4. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

5. Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life

6. Heartland

7. Hart of Dixie (This series was sadly cancelled, but is still on there and I highly recommend it!)

8. Grace and Frankie

9. Nailed It (Hilarious! I can binge watch this for hours!) 

10. Designated Survivor


These may not all be original Netflix shows, but those are my top 10 that I am watching on Netflix and I totally recommend them all for different reasons!!  I am totally open to some new show binging though, so please COMMENT with ANY suggestions, I would love a good new binge!  

.....Happy Netflix and Chilling!

<3 Crystal



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