Summer Planning

   So this is the first year since 2014 that we aren't camping for the summer.  And by camping I mean we owned a 40 ft camper, that was the equivalent of a second home at a pretty luxurious campground where the kids had 2 pools, hot tub, activities all day long every hour from 10am-9pm, Friday night dances, themed weekends, volleyball court, lakes, river, baseball field, playgrounds, rec hall, bingo, etc...  There was so much non stop fun that we all loved.  But our time at the campground sadly but fondly has ended and we sold our camper this year.  Now I find myself trying to figure out what to do with ourselves and the kids all summer....

    I mean weather permitting we plan to do a lot of beach time this summer at beaches covering all of New England is our goal and maybe Florida if we are lucky!!  But what to do during the week with the kids?  I know there are parks, we belong to a community center with a pool, but what other fun activities can we do?  Eleanor, my 8 year old is going to a day camp rom 9-12 mon-fri for 6 weeks.  But Cole, 12 is too old for the camp and Claire and Hannah 2 and 1 are too I still have a handful of non entertained kids.  

    I know I'm not the only mom with the struggle trying to figure out how to entertain the kids home all day the entire summer and also get any work done....Please comment I am open to suggestions and totally taking them!!  

    Im not a "Pinterest" mom but I can get creative on a budget if needed, I just don't have the time to do a hundred activities a day and still get any work done.  My brain is overloading trying to think of ideas....Brain Overload.....Send help! lol!!

Ok I'm patiently waiting for your responses!


.....Stay cool calm and collect!

<3 Crystal



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