The "Kit Collection" and the Meaning Behind it


The new "Kit Collection" is now launching and I couldn't be more excited about it!  It's a collection of hand engraved and stamped pieces.  This Collection has so much meaning behind it for me.  Kit, is my mother and she has supported me and tried to help promote me from the very beginning!  As my mother, of course she has been supportive throughout my entire life through everything.  

    When choosing the names of my Collections, I choose very carefully and with meaning.  This Collection, in particular carried so much meaning behind it.  I almost knew I was going to name this collection before I created it, for my mom.  These as I said are engraved/stamped pieces, and this is named after my mother for the imprint that all mothers and grandmothers leave on our hearts.

    The Collection started out with the "Mama Bear" necklace which I love because it reminds me of my own mother so strong and protective of her baby cubs.  She is the matriarch of our family and she makes sure that we all stick together and see each other.  There is always that one person who is the glue holding the family together, and she is that person.  Before her, my grandmother held that role in our family.  She always brought everyone back home when they lived far away and always kept us all close.  

     Mothers are irreplaceable and are the ones who raise us, comfort us, kiss our boo boos etc…  They imprint on us whether we want them to or not.  They are our sense of home and security and they teach us how to raise a family of our own one day.  Of course, I know that this refers to my mother and family as well as many others, but not all family.  But everyone does have someone in their life that has left an imprint on them, and these pieces can be applied to any of those people. 


…..Be the person that leaves an imprint on someone else.


<3 Crystal




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