The Struggles of Motherhood

   The actual inability to be in 100 places at once, accommodate everyone at the same time and split myself into 6 pieces makes me feel like I'm failing as a mom....Does that seem right or fair?  Especially since none of these things are realistic?!  The answer is no!  As moms we put this crazy stigma on ourselves, thinking that we are supposed to be able to solve everyone's problems and help all of our kids have every possible thing they want and that just isn't realistic or natural.  Kids need to learn boundaries and that they can't always have what they want, because in life you don't always get everything you want.  We are here to prepare them for life and teach them about how to handle that.

         As crazy as motherhood is we need to lower the expectations of what a mother is expected to do.  This is not 1950 and I am not a "house wife".  Im a work at home mom, and no matter how you classify yourself as a mother, it is the year 2018 and the roles should be shared in co-parenting with your partner.  You can't absorb all the parental roles, all the household duties, and everything else...  its not right, realistic and fair.  Relationships need to be more shared of these responsibilities.  We aren't perfect but we are able to recognize that the 1950s model just isn't working.  Today many moms are working and helping to provide income as well, and we need a break too!  So let's reinvent the household, redistribute the chore lists, and get realistic about how the division of it should all work!  Who's with me??  (I can see all the invisible women's hands raised and all the men saying....oh here we go, another feminist!)--But really its time for a change!

         How many mom's today give their kids chore lists?  Because it seems like our kids are the only ones in the neighborhood with chores!  No one seems to understand why my kids' Mom (me) can't do them!  This makes me sad.  Kids need to learn responsibility and how to take care of their own homes one day, how are they going to learn that if we don't teach them basic responsibility.  I had chores as a kid!  Comment here tell me if your kids have chores, their ages and what their chores are!  I have to know what other moms are doing!

....We got this Moms!

<3 Crystal



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