Top 25 Summer Bucket List

So I decided we need a bucket list for the Summer so my kids can get excited and appreciate all the little things that we do over the summer!  So here is our list!  Feel free to share your list or ideas below, we are happy to add to ours!!!

1. Build an actual Sand Castle at the Beach.

2. Eat at an outdoor restaurant.

3. Visit an Amusement Park!

4. Go to the zoo!

5. Play at a park!

6. Picnic lunch with the kiddos!

7. Go camping in a tent!

8. Go on a boat! 

9. Have a lemonade stand!

10. Flashlight tag with the kids!

11. Hiking with the kids!

12. Go to a Fair!

13. Take the kids Fishing

14. Take a family vacation

15. Go Swimming

16. Have a BBQ

17. Paint a Canvas

18. Take an art class

19. Go to a Museum

20. Go to the Movies

21. Family Game Night

22. NYC Sightseeing day

23. Become more of a part of our Church Community

24. Ride a Train with the kids!

25. Library Day!


This should be fun, I'm going to have the kids create one and see what they add!!


....Have fun Creating!


<3 Crystal




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