Water Table Fun with My Girls!

   So in the Summer every Mom knows that its a challenge to keep the kids constantly entertained all day!  This is by no means an easy task!  We all search high and low for new things, places, toys etc to do and go to!  We have 5 children in our house, in a variety of ages ranging from 1-12... This makes it significantly harder to find anything to do that everyone will enjoy!  Age appropriate toys help sometimes, versus going somewhere.  So we don't have a large pool, but we do have a one of the largest blow up pools we could find!  But separate from the pool, our kiddos all time favorite thing to do this Summer, is to play with their Water Table!  This water table is like the best thing since sliced bread in my kids eyes!  Not only does my 1 year old love it, but my 2 year old and 8 year old actually both enjoy it too!!!  They are playing with bath toys in the water table, there is a water slide and they LOVE to splash each other!  It is the sweetest thing to watch them play together!  Best purchase EVER!  

     I'd LOVE to hear what your kid's favorite toy of the summer is! 

   Update!  Since this blog post, we have had Hannah try to climb into the water table thinking it was a mini pool!! LOL!!  Also they are really loving their pool and slides this summer! 

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